Children and the habit of watching television

Children and the habit of watching television

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Turn on our television as we wake up, organize our weekly schedule according to the broadcasting time of our favorite series, discuss the lives of people in the competition programs in our speeches hepsi All of these examples are facts that prove how important watching television is in our age. Average 6 hours per day television shows that compared to the results of developed countries, we find ourselves facing very striking facts. (Northern Europe- Sweden, Norway… countries per week average television viewing rates of 8-10 hours !!!). When this is the case, researchers are focusing on the positive and negative effects of watching television on people and trying to raise awareness through different researches on the subject.

Many of these studies also look at the various effects of watching television on children and find that this activity has a very important impact on children's development. In particular, the researchers found that prolonged exposure to television to a kindergarten age could have a significant negative impact on the development of the child. According to experts, television gives children the opportunity to learn and discover different things, but in general, it leaves them in a passive position, causing negative effects on children's development.

If you want to protect your children from the bad effects of television, it is very important that you become aware as parents. You should not forget that some small points that you do not notice during your daily life can lead to very profound changes in your children's development and affect them negatively, so it is your duty to follow them and guide them in their activities.

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What can you do?

• Take care to watch television with your child. Because sometimes children cannot understand or misunderstand the images they see while watching television. In such cases, an adult watching television with the children can make the necessary explanations and prevent children from thinking wrong things.

• Know which programs your children are watching on television and guide them through the program selection. Because children can be affected negatively by the violence and abuse they see on television and then they may experience psychological problems. In order not to cause this situation, it is up to you parents to direct the children about the programs they will follow.

• Especially young children cannot distinguish between the real world and the virtual world while watching television and constantly try to adapt an event in the virtual world to the real world. For example, flying like a superman or jumping out of buildings is among the images that children are very impressed with on television and many children - if they have not been given the necessary explanations - want to try these activities themselves because they are unaware of the bad consequences that may happen at the end of this event. Remember that in such cases, an adult explaining what is necessary to the children will help protect the child from negative consequences!

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