How do you know your child better?

How do you know your child better?

Being a parent is of course not easy, raising a child and preparing it for life requires a great effort. While parents are responsible for maintaining a good life, they can be tired with the responsibility of having children. Reducing this fatigue is possible by getting to know your child better…

Psychologist Eda Gökduman said, “Many parents tell experts about the problems they have with their child. You can find the answers to all these problems as conscious parents. Iyor

- What does it mean to be a conscious parent?

Being conscious parents; know about child development and education.
What does your child really want from you? Why does it request these requests?
Does that make you conscious behavior? Or is it the general characteristic of his age? Is this behavior a problem? Or is it a normal process?

You can find your answers first by getting to know the general characteristics of your child's age. With each new age the child acquires new features, his temperament may change.

- What changes can be seen in the child?

Your child who is listening to you from the previous age and adapting to you can become an overly active, stubborn, not listening to you with your new age.

- What kind of a path should the parents follow?

Instead of trying to prevent or react to these changing behaviors of the child, parents should question why these changes suddenly occur.

When you question the reasons, you can get one of the following answers:

1) Your child has begun to show the general characteristics of his new age, so the mood changes.

2) It is experiencing a situation that can create stress in the environment.

3) There is a lack of your approach to it.

4) Your emotional problems are reflected in your communication with your child.

- What will our answers give us?

When you detect one of these answers; you get to know your child better and create solutions in a short time without harming his emotional development and without tiring yourself further.

Keep in mind; children may not be able to express their problems or feelings by speaking like adults. Children try to give some messages to their environment with their behaviors or physical reactions. These messages; sometimes lower incontinence, sometimes asleep or appetite deterioration, sometimes can occur in the form of moodiness. You should recognize these messages quickly and not be late for a solution çözüm

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