Travel guide with child

Travel guide with child

When I woke up in the morning, my parents started telling a fairy tale, as I usually do when I was lying down. I was a little surprised.

“Once upon a time there was a“ baby river diye called Danube. The lush green trees around the Baby River Danube, the hills facing him from far away where the sun disappears behind him, the wind tumbling through him, the wind tickling him, the birds drinking water and singing with joy, loved the reflections of Aydede on the stagnant surface of the night. Nehir Bebek Tuna, who is a very good friend with all of them, jokes with them, chats with the floating fish and looks forward to the animals grazing in the surrounding meadows to cool him down.

Baby River Danube, one day he was able to make his voice heard the clouds passing very high.
- Hey cloud sister hello, where is such fast speed.?
- Hello Baby River Danube, Western winds take us east towards the Black Sea. We bring fertility to the fields, fun for children, romantic rains for lovers.

Baby River Danube, Bulut waved to the brother and wished a good trip. On the other hand, he started to think about what kind of place the Black Sea is. I thought it was time for me to get out of my infancy and start becoming a curious little brat.

He asked his brother next to the Rhein river;
- Brother, sometimes you go too far, it seems like your water will disappear and you go to the Black Sea?

Rhein smiled at no,
- I'm heading north and there I meet the Atlantic, which is even bigger than the sea.

The Baby River Danube has become more curious about the Black Sea. He called out to the clouds again;
_ Can you bring me more rain? I want to come to the Black Sea with you.

The clouds will break my little baby and do what he wants. They brought plenty of rain. They flooded like floods. Baby River Danube has grown, it has started to wander through the folds of the hills around it, chatting with the sun during the day and heading towards the east under the guidance of the polar star at night.

He met beavers, deer, new plants in his new home. His friends have grown steadily. He even saw people and allowed him to build cities and build bridges on them. Some days, he had to meet the rock brothers and get some rest and gather his strength, but he finally found a way to go east.
The Baby River Danube reached the Black Sea and embraced it. Like all other rivers that continue to come to the Black Sea every year, the Danube is very happy.

Baby River Danube never forgot where he was born. He continued to swell and go to the Black Sea every year, but never lost its source. It was because of his friends that he saw when he was little, the animals he played, and that beautiful corner of nature “

My father is happy after this fairy tale, even though I'm a little baby right now, with this journey, all the experiences I've been shaped my character, one day, such as the Danube to make their own decisions and sail to life, I will go towards my own goals, but together with my mother of hope; He told me that being in nature, feeling the wind on his face, the pleasure of standing on the edge of a spring, watching the silence, chatting with a turtle, and forgetting where he came from, and being able to remain pure and clear like Bebek River Tuna.

We left the hotel and immediately came to the Danube. I said hello to Baby River Danube. We'il go with him to Budapest. I will meet all his friends. I'm gonna grow up a little like him. For now, the Danube is a small creek flowing through the hills, just like me, when it's not clear.

I came to my seat when the sun came out and what I saw kurulmuş The castles established at the summit of the mountains, small waterfalls flowing on the roadside, gazelles, snakes, rabbits running fast by us, sharp-eyed eagles flying above us. Because even though we didn't speak the same language, we became friends, and while ours were drinking coffee, we had a game. The toy that attracted the most attention was the wooden bikes that their father hung behind the trailer.

In the evening it started to rain again. My mother and father were getting cold, soaked in dark clothes. We started looking for a place to stay while the sun said goodbye to us. However, all hotels in Sigmaringen were full. I watched the tree house in the park until the tent was set up in the camp. Colorful mushrooms are just as much here as the tent. When the tent was set, the time of entertainment began. After searching for hotels, we took down the doner kebabs and then painted my white plane with my mother today with my brush like tents. A little overalls, mats, even my little nose came to paint, but these paints for children produced organic paints were not worried at all. I'm gonna race my plane in the morning. Maybe I can get past my father's.
I went up to my waist overalls, with my arms out and wandered through the skies of Sigmaringen, and went down to sleep.

“Ipet Cina”

Tibetan plane tree.
19 JULY 2011

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