Book recommendations for early childhood

Book recommendations for early childhood

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You can find books from different topics, authors and publishers in this section that addresses parents who want to buy books for their children but need help. Remember that reading books is the ideal way to support all areas of the child's development and develop their imagination in early childhood!

I have told you that I will make book suggestions at regular intervals in my previous articles and I have chosen some books again this week and I would like to introduce them to you parents.

Here are the books I have chosen for you this week…


Prepared: Macide Light
Root Publishing
Age group: 3+

A book that gives young children the concept of shape and color. Colors and shapes are available on stickers in a special page inside the book. In a simple activity designed for young children, a picture emerges when the colors and shapes are removed and adhered to the appropriate places and the child connects the dots.


Writer: Musatafa Asoğlu
Illustrated by: View Şule's Full Profile
TUDEM Publications
Age group: 4+

This book, which is deemed worthy of mention in the fairy tale branch of the Edebiyat 2003 Literature Awards ”competition of TUDEM Publishing House, provides information about natural events. In the book, which treats cloud, rain, earth and plants as fairy tale heroes, the book tells the needs of the flowers they see in water to the young children and the function of clouds and rain in a simple language.


Written and Illustrated by: Ülkü Ovat and Ümit Öğmel
Age group: 3+

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter dört Series of Seasons dört, which is composed of four books, was prepared considering the developmental characteristics of very young children. A series of books that will instill a love of books to young children with a simple expression accompanied by beautiful pictures that support the development of aesthetics and provide them with the first information about the seasons and their immediate surroundings.


Writer: Contact aygören directly
Illustrated by: Contact nazan directly
Esin Publishing House
Age group: Pre-school

A penguin tale between the snow in a cold country that will bring winter to the dream world of young children. The story of the penguin, who wants to meet various animals such as storks, ladybugs and bees, is adorned with beautiful pictures. At the end of the book, there is also a blank page for small readers to illustrate the end of the book. A nice picture book that preschoolers will love.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal

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