Mommy, you know that? (3)

Mommy, you know that? (3)

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Scientific Research on the Immune System of Infants

Milupa continues to discover the miracle of breast milk. Infants' immune systems were examined by scientific research conducted jointly with Milupa Research Institute and leading universities in Europe.

The aim of the study was to measure how Milupa Aptamil bottle formulas strengthen the immune system of infants with the new prebiotic formula.
As a result of scientific research, it was proved that the immune systems of infants fed Milupa Aptamil were strengthened as close as possible to breast milk.

Help protect your baby against diseases

In this scientific research, it was found that infants fed with Milupa Aptamil had protection against infections (colds, diarrhea) and allergies, and their immune systems were strengthened. The same study was approved by ESPGHAN (the European Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition), the most trusted medical authority in Europe, followed by medical professionals.


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