Babies are also dropping their blood sugar!

Babies are also dropping their blood sugar!

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Diabetes seen in the mother affects the babies. The baby of a diabetic mother is usually a large baby and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) occurs more often. These babies need to be breastfed immediately and often after birth. Presence of hypoglycemia in the baby can also lead to transfer. Babies may also be referred to calcium deficiency, low sugar, high fever, lack of oxygen at birth or other diseases.

International Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist View Deniz's Full Profile thyroid gland more or less working mothers should also use thyroid drugs while breastfeeding, thyroid drugs, does not harm babies, he says. Some of the babies' thyroid gland works little by birth. In this disease called hypothyroidism, the baby has thick voice, dry and sparse hair, constipation problem and big tongue. His tongue doesn't fit. These babies whose complaints have improved as a result of the tests and treatment started as soon as possible can continue their development according to their age if they use their medication regularly under the control of a doctor.

From the sixth month onwards, babies are fed with solid and rough foods. However, this new period is painful for some babies. Babies do not like the taste of food when the mouth closes and does not eat. Dr. View Deniz's Full Profile stating that the babies suffer from the stress and happiness of the mother like a sponge; mother stubborn about eating with the baby, if you do not eat at one meal will close the deficit in the other meal, he said.

The development of the digestive system in infants continues until it reaches twice the birth weight. This corresponds to an average of 5-6 months. Persistent mothers who react to food in their babies Dr. View Tamtekin's Full Profilewants mothers to be patient about this. If the baby refuses to eat, there is no benefit from any illness. Because at the end of this stubbornness, babies win. If it does not eat due to any disease, treatment is done about it.

Give the iron drop with orange juice.

The Ministry of Health wants babies to be given iron supplements for protective purposes as of the fourth month. Because in the first six months, only breastfeeding children, at the end of the sixth month at the birth of iron and zinc depots of elements such as depot begins to decrease. Therefore, an external iron supplement is required. Iron is given in the form of drops or syrup. If the baby does not like the taste and vomit, it is useful to try another iron preparation sold on the market. Dr. View Tamtekin's Full Profile, Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, iron medication can be given to babies with freshly squeezed orange juice, so that it will be easier to drink, as well as increased iron absorption, he stressed.

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