Folic acid after pregnancy

Folic acid after pregnancy

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Increased nutritional value of the body during pregnancy
Shows. The reason for this is that the baby and the mother
It is needed. Folic acid to use before expectant mothers become pregnant
vitamins should start.

Folic acid is a group of vitamin B and soluble in water.
vitamin. The structure found in natural foodstuffs is called folate. Medicines and
The form found in processed foods is also called folic acid.

Cell building blocks, blood cells and especially nerve
system plays a major role in the formation and development of tissues. Genetic code
DNA plays an important role in the formation of one of the building blocks.

Folic acid is beneficial for both the mother and the baby.
is important. Protein synthesis in the body, cell proliferation and the role of marrow
It is useful in the full fulfillment. During fetal growth and development
also plays an important role in the rapid growth of cells. Important in DNA and RNA production
The role of folic acid use during this period is extremely important.

How should folic acid be used after pregnancy?

According to experts' research during pregnancy
adequate use of folic acid, the central nervous system in the baby
problems and disability is important to prevent. Many before the pregnancy
women may experience folic acid deficiency due to different reasons.
When the woman becomes pregnant, the body's need for folic acid increases.
Folic acid, nutritional supplement and folic acid drugs before pregnancy,
should be avoided.

Folic acid plays a very important role in baby development
should be used after the woman decides to become pregnant.
In other words, folic acid should be used before pregnancy. Without getting pregnant
first 3 months before the baby's 3rd month
It should be used. 400 micrograms of folic acid daily for 3 months
recommended. Folic acid is not required after pregnancy.
However, during these 3 months
use must be paid attention.

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