Sports and exercise after pregnancy

Sports and exercise after pregnancy

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from Pregnancy
then do sports as soon as possible to regain your former health and fitness
important factor. Now you are tired of inactivity and you want to get back to your old form by starting to exercise. Well after pregnancy sports
What should we pay attention to? What should we avoid?

Let's tell you when to start. If you have given birth normally; from birth
after a very short time, when you feel yourself and your body ready for sports
You can start. If you have had a caesarean section,
Be sure to consult your doctor.

Getting started is primarily prefer light and exercises that will not put strain on your body.
You should. Exercises like light aerobics, cycling, swimming, walking are useful
It will be. First, you can start the exercises for a short time; in time
increasing the duration and intensity of the exercises will be correct.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water before and after your stay.
You have to be very careful when doing sports. Exercising
pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, or bleeding.
time must necessarily end the sport. After pregnancy
Remember that the most important benefit of your sport is reducing depression.
Research conducted in regular sports to eliminate postpartum depression
It proves that.

It would be right to start with intermittent exercises. These exercises are also long
is as effective as intermittent exercises. Pregnancy process necessarily
It weakened. So when you feel ready, the basic power
start to strengthen your muscles weakening with exercises.

Of course
Two of the sudden movements in sports, heavy lifting and will force our body
we need to avoid movements. If you are participating in any sports program
If you intend to do your exercises you must consult your doctor.
is required.

The most important issue we need to know while doing sports is; Three and six months
to know that your body will return to its former state. So during this time
we should take care not to experience any injuries or injuries.
If you have the habit of doing regular sports before and after pregnancy
as long as you continue to exercise with our attention,
your body will recover and you will have your old look in a very short time

avoid heavy and high effort exercises during this recovery process.
If you are going to participate in a sports program without consulting your doctor
Do not. Remember that you came to this appearance in as long as nine months. Old
your body may need a similar time to get your image.
Always keep in mind.

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