Postpartum menstruation

Postpartum menstruation

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At the end of the nine months, there is no more birth, at the end of the
there are changes. Thanks to these changes in your body, milk for your baby
You have the possibility to export. Nine months of being a mother
selective in foods to avoid endangering health throughout, stress-free
Trying to stop, the mother who is not close to anything heavy, after birth also becomes a shield for her baby
preserves and refers to its best for healthy growth.

Allah has established with such a system that
everything has a protector and a feeder. That's the strong bond between mother and baby.
begins in the womb. With this bond, babies come to the world
that they are guarded by an angel
They know.

Menstruation of blood from the first forty days after birth
forty as it is known in the language and Islam
blood in between is not counted. Women have menstrual period, 1 month from birth
then the blood is menstrual blood. Piece
de menstrual is the same degree. Menstruation one month after birth or after the end of forty
immediately after the blood is called menstruation.

Postpartum mothers consume liquid to get milk
it is necessary to get milk but the first thing that makes milk is water. Water milk increase
to be breastfed
milk should eat plenty of fruits and meals that the baby does not remain hungry. What is milk
as much and nutritious as the baby
weight gain and growth is healthy every month.

The first forty days after birth
or bleeding from the vagina, yellowish
The currents formed are menstrual.
Because of the changes experienced in the body after birth, the mother has been
the body experiences the difference of changes and menstruation is seen. First menstruation
at the beginning. The mother who gives birth is the first to see immediately after the end of 40 days.
blood can be menstrual blood.

He expects a mother nine months and ten days later
moment of birth takes place. Birth
mother from the moment it happened,
examines every detail of the baby in a way and the growth, development
As he watches, he consumes healthy foods and foods to feed, so that the baby gets these vitamins from his milk.

Blood from the moment the baby was born,
In forty days, intermittent or intermittent continues, in these interruptions
the resulting yellowish stain or discharge from the vagina is menstrual. Menstruation is also considered the first beginning of the period, from birth
Then, after the end of the forty blood, menstrual blood, sometimes menstrual women at the end of a year
This happens because the balance of the body changes.

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