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Newborn Babies Care Guide

Newborn Babies Care Guide

Proper care in the newborn periodbaby's general health A process with significant impacts on For this reason, new parents are experiencing a serious concern.Child Health Specialist at Anadolu Medical Center View Ayşe's Full Profile care of newborn babyby explaining the points to be considered in makes recommendations to parents.


What should be the room temperature of the newborn?

 Temperature controlnewborn babyis not well developed.Baby's skin surface Because it is very wide compared to body weight, heat loss becomes very fast. In order to prevent hypothermia, ambient temperatures suitable for the baby's weight should be determined, especially during the first hours and days. Room temperature is between 22-24 degrees Celsius for a newborn over 3 kg. If the ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees, the baby should be dressed less, as newborns do not sweat and the most important cause of fever is excessive wrapping or laying close to heaters.

How often should the baby be given breast milk? How is its adequacy understood?

Breast milk Feeding is the safest method that meets all the basic needs of the newborn.Post-natal The baby should be breastfed whenever he wants, provided that it starts within the first hour. If the baby does not suck for a long time during the first week of adaptation, it should be waked up every 3-4 hours. This should both accelerate the mother's milk flow andprotect the baby from jaundice important on behalf of. Adequate nutrition of the newborn baby can be understood by the amount of urine and feces.Babies with enough breast milk Yellow color, soft consistency, evenFollowings They did. The daily number can vary from 1-10. This situationdiarrhea should not be perceived as.

What are the points to be considered in skin care?

Since the baby's biggest organ is the skin,skin care and hygiene important work falls to mothers.Skin of newborn babies very delicate and thin. It can be easily damaged. Deterioration of skin integrity,risk of infection for the baby creates. Especially in the days following birth, baby skin may become dry, crusty and peeled. In this period, moisturizing baby oil or lotions are suitable for newborn babies. Baby oils can be applied to wet skin to provide proper hydration. Clothes in direct contact with the baby's skin should be selected from cotton fabrics and detergent should not be used for cleaning.

When should the first bath be done?

Bathroom,baby careIt holds an important place.Healthy Newbornscan be washed in the first 24 hours according to the environment in which they were born. They can be washed at home every day or every other day.Until the belly falls It is suitable to wash under boiling and cooled running water. Normal bath can be done in the bathtub 2-3 days after the belly falls. Bath water temperature, body temperature (36-37 degrees), the ambient temperature should be 24-25 degrees. All items should be prepared before bathing and the baby should not lose heat. Bathroom,before breastfeeding is made more secure in terms of vomiting. Afternoon babies can help make the night more comfortable for fizzy and restless babies. The shampoo or soaps to be used in the bath should not be applied directly to the baby, but should be transferred to the baby by foaming with a sponge or hand. This makes rinsing easier. Good drying of the skin and especially the fold after bathing,Prevent rashes and irritations care should be taken.

What causes redness in the skin of newborns?

Immediately after birth on the baby's skintoxic erythema red spots may occur. These spots appear and disappear from time to time in various parts of the body. Sometimes in the middle of yellow-white-headed acne-like structures can occur. It may appear at any time in the first week, but more often on the second day. It lasts about two to three weeks and disappears spontaneously.

What should be considered at the bottom switching point?

In order to prevent redness and diaper rash in the diaper area, the baby's diaper should be changed frequently, especially the contact time with the poop should not be extended. It is essential that the cleaning is done with water and the curl places are dried very well.Children With front-to-back cleaning, it is necessary to prevent contamination of the poo into the urinary tract.Cloth regionneither can be applied olive oil or baby oils as preservatives. If redness occurs zinc rash creams treatment is appropriate.

How should belly care be performed?

Umbilical cord with 70% alcohol or mercer solution until driedbelly care makes. Cord tissue is painless. Care should be continued for 1-2 days after the fall of the umbilical cord, and if there is leakage, discharge or bleeding, consult a doctor.

How to remove burrs in the eyes of newborn babies?

Eye care for babies also is of great importance in the first months. Hand care before baby careeye health It is also important for.burring the eyes are wiped with boiled and chilled water. In case of ongoing discharge, tear duct narrowing orinfection doctor should be consulted.

When can the nails be cut?

Newborn baby in nails is very soft. It is appropriate to wear gloves until you can cut the nails as it can scratch itself during the first 2 months due to the catch reflex. In the first month, the mostly elongated nails rupture shears With fingernails, it is convenient to cut while sleeping.

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