3rd trimester woes: When you realize you are huge

3rd trimester woes: When you realize you are huge

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The end of pregnancy is never fun. As if being patient waiting to meet your little one isn’t hard enough, you are forced to endure your body being pushed to its absolute limit.

This Friday is my last OB appointment before I have my newest little bundle. While, in reality, I am nowhere near ready – bags need to be packed, house needs to be cleaned, and presents need to be wrapped, I am so over this “largest,” most uncomfortable part of pregnancy.

I’m tired of having to move the steering wheel in an awkward position so my belly will fit, I’m tired of picking out shirts based solely on the whether or not they will be long enough to cover my entire stomach, and I’m ready to be able to put my own shoes on without having to worry that I am going to hurt myself or the baby.

For me, the moment I realized I was huge came one day while dressing. As I pulled my shirt over my stomach I was shocked when I noticed my belly button had completely disappeared.

Other moms in their third trimester shared their “I realized I was huge” moments and they are all totally relatable.

KawaiiHaha: "When you have to make sure you don't burn your tummy while cooking."

xcp:"Until the lady at the gas station asks "are you having a baby?" So you say "yes" (assuming she's asking if you're pregnant) and she makes a shocked/horrified face and you realize she was asking you if you were currently HAVING a baby."

NickiB983:"When you're like GusGus, the fat mouse from Cinderella. My shirts keep rolling UP!"

BrandiN87:"When you are walking in to your ob appointment and some lady asked how far over due are you."

Whitneyhoward1010:"When you get done washing dishes and your belly is completely soaked. Happens every time."

abelbobabel:"When you knock your toddler into the wall because you didn't see him under your belly."

arw711:"Until you do a load of laundry and find that none of your clothes were in it...because you've been wearing your husband's clothes..."

Blessed*At*Home:"When a lady from church asks you how many DAYS you have left and you have to tell her nine weeks!"

Emand5:"When you attempt to trim your toenails and realize you actually can't."

MamaBalma:"You officially weigh the same as your husband."

This post was originally published in December 2015.

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