Moms say: Least useful baby shower gifts

Moms say: Least useful baby shower gifts

  • Yes, you smiled graciously when you unwrapped an item that you already had ten of, or that you simply could never use, or that was more of a pain than a perfect present. Because the truth is, not every baby gift warrants a thrilled ooh or aah upon opening. We asked readers to spill on the baby gifts they got that just didn't make the grade.

  • Too much of a good thing

    "Blankets, blankets, blankets! I felt bad because some were handmade, but how many blankets does one baby need?"
    – afunkymomma

  • Too many teeny-tiny clothes

    "I got so many great newborn outfits, but I know they won't fit my baby for very long."
    – Emmahalou

  • Out-of-season outfits

    "My mother-in-law bought the cutest newborn snowsuit … for my June baby. Adorable, but we're not going to need it!"
    – sdf10

  • So 20th century

    "We'll probably never use the blank photo albums we were given, because everything is digital with us. When we do print pictures, we do it online and create photo books."
    – KDot5

  • Cute but clutter

    "Stuffed animals are cuddly but completely useless. The baby can't play with them, the dogs want to tear them up, and I don't have enough room to store them all."
    – iamspoon

  • A present that's a project

    "One of my friends gave me a plant that was supposed to be transplanted in the yard to attract butterflies. I guess she thought she would come over to find me frolicking with my baby among the butterflies."
    – krisalicious

  • For the love of shoes

    "My daughter got 20 pairs of newborn shoes. Cute but useless, considering how seldom infants actually need shoes."
    – Shtsbmo3

  • Pricey but not practical

    "I think it's a cultural thing, but someone gave me a beautiful silver rattle."
    – MonSeulAmour

  • Too personal

    "I got several different types and brands of pacifiers. Since you never know which your baby will prefer – or if he'll even take one – it's better to buy pacifiers yourself than to end up with a drawer full of unused pacis."
    – TJSand

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