Watch out if you feed cats at home!

Watch out if you feed cats at home!

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It is possible to observe an increase in the likelihood of allergies if there is no precaution for the pets that are extremely cute and have become a part of the family over time. Child Health Diseases and Allergy Specialist says that if the children show an allergic reaction, the pet should be removed from the house. Dr. Yonca Tabak, “Allergic diseases are seen in children, given the fact that the magnitude of the problem is better understood,” he says.

Watch the cats!In our country, the feeding rate is reported to be 6 percent. Dr. Alfalfa Tabak, allergic reaction usually develops against animal waste such as saliva and urine, he says. Professor Dr. Yonca Tabak, “Animal hair only acts as a carrier for these substances. This has nothing to do with the length of the animal's hair. Especially cat allergen is a very persistent and contagious substance. This allergen can be carried to many areas such as schools and workplaces, which are shared with the clothes of people who share the same house with the animal. Although pets are not fed, many households have cat allergens. Therefore, a child with a classmate who feeds cats in her home may also have allergy symptoms. ”

Professor Dr. Yonca Tabak said, kedi Cat allergen, which can be very persistent, continues to exist on the carpet for 20 weeks even if the cat is removed from the house. The seats remain for 5 years. Therefore, it may not be possible to fully protect against the allergen. In such cases it is necessary to seek vaccination treatment. When the vaccine is administered by sublingual drops, the body becomes unresponsive to animal allergens over a period of 3-5 years. Konuşuy

Child Health Diseases and Allergy Specialist Dr. Yonca Tabak says that animal allergens are small substances that can be suspended in the air for a long time and therefore they will be largely removed with air purifying devices.

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