Lori Wolfe, MS, CGC

Lori Wolfe, MS, CGC

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Lori Wolfe, M.S., CGC, is the director of the Texas Teratogen Information Service for the state of Texas and a board-certified genetic counselor specializing in teratogen counseling.

The teratogen service is housed at the University of North Texas. It answers questions from the public and healthcare professionals about pregnancy and breastfeeding exposure to agents such as alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications, illegal drugs, and over-the-counter products. It also researches questions about occupational and environmental exposures. Counseling and information are provided over the phone, followed by written information. All services are free.

In addition to running the service, Wolfe lectures at the University of North Texas, presents public talks and workshops, and supervises students working for the teratogen service. She is the past president of the national Organization of Teratology Information Specialists and has served on the board of directors for the past 18 years. Wolfe is married to an engineer at Bell Helicopter in Hurst, Texas. They have three children.

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