Solutions against the problem of rash in babies!

Solutions against the problem of rash in babies!

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In these days when the temperatures increase, the temperatures affect children and babies as well as the elders. As the heat increases, children and babies may experience a rash problem as a result of excessive sweating.

Rash is defined as rashes that cause itching and needling, caused by clogging of sweat gland ducts in the skin under the influence of hot air and sweating. Babies' skin is sensitive, air temperatures increase, infants and children to dress more than necessary causes rash.

The rash that usually disappears within a few days is not contagious. You can prevent your children from rash with small precautions.

  • Do not keep your baby in hot environments for too long.
  • Wash your baby every day.
  • Do not dress your baby more than necessary.
  • Prevent your baby from sweaty.
  • Dress up clothes that will absorb sweat if sweating.
  • Change your baby often.

If you take all these precautions and your baby does not pass the heat, you should consult a specialist. Depending on the intensity of the rashes and the severity of the complaints, your doctor will start lotion or antihistamine treatment.


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